Monday, 17 September 2012

Simon Harris joins the project team

The JISC fossil digitisation team at Keyworth has recently welcomed a new member. Simon Harris joins us as a photographer who has specialised in photographing objects in museums and historic houses for several years. 
Simon Harris using one of the project's Canon EOS5D MkII's

Simon commented:

"I have spent a number of years working with varied historic collections across the UK, and have been interested in fossils since my childhood, so the opportunity to work with historically and scientifically significant fossil collections is a very exciting prospect for me."

"I also have training in engineering and object conservation - it's surprising just how often these different disciplines come in handy when working in a museum!"

"The nature of the collection we are working with here means that a lot of the specimens are quite small and we really need to utilise the capabilities of the equipment that we have. For instance, the live view facility on the camera is invaluable for checking focus and depth of field, and we can check the final image for any problems, like camera shake or under exposure, instantly. It was never that easy when we used film!"

We will bring you some fossil photographs in a future blog posting.

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