Thursday 30 April 2015

Exhibition of GB/3D Type Fossils project images in Athens, Greece (4-5 April 2015)

Guest blog by Panagiotis Latsoudis, Forester-High school teacher, The Moraitis School, Athens, Greece

A selection of stereoscopic GB/3D Type Fossils project fossil images were displayed in a special exhibition organized during the 2 days’ annual school fair “Panigiri Scholis Moraiti” in Greece.

The fair was held on 4-5 April 2015 at the Moraitis’ School buildings in Psychiko, a suburb north of the Greek capital, Athens. The event is organized by its high-school students once a year and hosts activities and events in order to raise money for charity. The specific exhibition was prepared by the high school “Nature observation and interpretation Group”.

The aim of the exhibition was to portray the possible landscape, flora and fauna of the wider school area during different geological periods and to feature the importance of the fossils in understanding about how life evolved on earth.

Due to GB/3D Type Fossils project help, the visitors had the opportunity to examine typical fossils of animals that lived during the long distant past, using special red-cyan glasses prepared by the students. The project also inspired the students to make their own stereoscopic images using pairs of photographs and relevant free software.

In addition, representative digital models, scanned and provided online by the GB/3D Type Fossils project, were  3d printed in the main entrance hall in order to attract the visitors’ attention, and to promote the new technology potentials and the pioneer initiatives!

Panagiotis Latsoudis