Friday, 13 September 2013

Competition winners !

The results of the competition are in, and here is the list of the regional winners. 

If you can find your name on this list then you have won a prize provided by your local museum. If we have put an asterisk next to your name, we can’t get hold of you – please contact the museum where you entered and they will sort you out!

New Walk Museum, Leicester
Freddie (surname unknown)    
Marcus Weston               
Charlie Plews    
Harjot Singh
Isla Clifford
Wollaton Hall, Nottingham
Tia Askem
Josh Brookes
Aaron Brown
Matt Robinson
Joshua Hemsley
The Yorkshire Museum
Imogen Crabtree
Phoebe Schuster
Zoe Baker
Dongmei Liang
Grosvenor Museum, Chester
Emi Mayman
Keisha (Second name unknown)
Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent
Daniel Tatham
Ben Walters
Katie Morris
Daniel James Dick
Maddison Martin
Hancock Museum, Newcastle
Alistair Potts
Abigall Day
Emma Mulvaney
Caitlin Ashley
Alex Winter
Buxton Museum & Art Gallery
Chloe Needham
Katie Bradd
Daniel Williams
George Fox
Autumn Nixon
RAMM Exeter
Ayla-May Lake
Jazmin Evans
James Cooke
Lola Morgans
Zachary Rees
Amgueddfa Cymru : National Museum Wales
Geoff Smith
Callum Buckley
Dejan Kukic
Ryan Billings-Wakerry
Rotunda Museum Scarborough
Benjamin Vezlock
Lucy Lanfear
Daniel Rose
Tyler Jones
Amy Cooper
Dorset County Museum
Rachel Stevens
Declan Wright
Benjamin Webb
Samuel Keaton
Zak Millward
Warwickshire Museum
Alwen Price
Adam Price
Thomas Varnish
Lloyd Hughes
Dinosaur Isle, Sandown
Chris Mumby
Lauryn Lewis
James Watson
Russel Espino
Miss K Crang
British Geological Survey
London Information Office
Hazel Williams
Paul Varotsis
Ronni Adams
Clive Richardson
Eduard Tiron
Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge
Thomas Luck
Chris Wayland
Christopher Norman
Rufus Skelton
Greta Norman
Perth Museum
Jennifer McCafferty
Jasmine Hossack
Ryan McCullie
Jamie Allan
Jacqui Caldwell
Leeds Museum
Debby Gallagher

Once we have made contact with the winners and verified that they are valid entries, we will proceed to the main prize draw. This is likely to take just over a week.

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