Monday, 12 August 2013

Launch of the development (beta) version of the website -

One of the main reasons for attending the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival, as well as having the opportunity of talking to lots of the public about the fossil scanning and photography work that we have been doing, and of course some walks along the beach......

The beach and cliffs to the east of |Lyme Regis
....  was to launch the development (beta) version of the 3d-fossils website. So far there is only a relatively small small number of images, scans and information entries, but we are hoping for suggestions on how to improve the layout and function of the site.

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Please go to and try out the site. You can view stereo anaglyphs  (you will need red - cyan glasses), and view and download 3d digital models, which you can store on your computer and view with programs such as MeshLab (which can be downloaded from the web for free).

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