Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Nationwide Treasure Hunt starts 12:00 noon Thursday 22nd August

To mark the public launch of the GB/3D type fossils online project and the world’s first virtual fossil collection, we are organising a nationwide treasure hunt at 18 museums and geological displays across Britain. The full list of participating organisations will be published tomorrow. The competition starts at 12:00 on Thursday 22nd August and finishes when the museums close on Thursday 12th September.

Can you find the 3d printed fossil in the museum display?

The object is simply to find the 3D printed fossil hidden somewhere amongst the museum displays and record its position on the entry form.   

Five winning entry forms will be selected at random at each museum from correctly completed entry forms. Winners will be contacted by email and arrangements made for them to attend a VIP museum tour, or something similar. Each winner aged under 18 may bring a parent or guardian.   

Two national winners will be selected from the individual museum winners and contacted by email. Arrangements will be made for them to attend a VIP collections tour at BGS Keyworth. One overall winner will also receive a tablet computer pre-loaded with a collection of virtual fossils

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